Crisis In Somalia

Hey Everyone,
I want to take this time to make you all aware that there’s a really horrific situation developing in Somalia right now. Serious drought, guerrilla war, and food crisis are leading to an epidemic of starvation and a massive refugee problem.
The UN Refugee Agency and OXFAM International are in serious need of donations. This is a very important issue that myself and the band feel strongly about doing all that we can to help raise awareness.
Please see the link below to help donate to this cause.

- Mickey Madden

Donate to UNHCR


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“To Catch a Dollar” the Movie

Hey everyone… hope you’re having an amazing day… just wanted to pass along this info about a great documentary I just saw called “To Catch a Dollar”... all about a micro-loan program that’s helping people “sustainably lift themselves and their families out of poverty”... very cool…

In a few days on March 31st, they are gonna be screening the movie at theaters all around the United States… and you can find out more information here:

To Catch a Dollar Facebook


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All Together Now

Aloha Everyone!!!

Jesse here with an amazing Website to share:

This beautiful site allows us to virtually enter a variety of
meditation “rooms” and sync our inhales and exhales so that we are
breathing in unison with people all around the world… customizing an
experience where you can set a time period, choose a color for your
computer screen to glow, choose an intention, and pick a sound to let
you know when your time period is up.

Their goal is to have as many people as possible breathing as One and
sharing the same intention… Imagine a Billion people on this planet
breathing in and out at the same time and focusing all of their
thought and heart vibrations on PEACE.

Or, starting smaller… imagine One Hundred people taking a few
minutes breathing in unison to focus on one of their friends having
the best birthday ever!

So exciting.

The possibilities are endless…

Let’s choose some good ones.


Today (Feb. 4th 2010) as well as the next two days (the 5th and 6th)
there is a historic transmission from the Dalai Lama happening in The
Universal Breathing Room… Just enter the Universal Breathing Room at
any time and leave that browser open on your computer and see what


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A New Reality

Good-day everyone… Hope you are all having a great day right now… I am passing along a link to a website that is the most exciting website I have ever experienced… and below is my introduction to the site and its proposition… just skip ahead and check out the site if you don’t feel like reading all that jazz…

Here is a theory:

A mentality shift towards framing thoughts in the positive rather than the negative is a great idea that everyone on this entire planet could benefit from.

I know this to be true based on observing that particular mentality shift within myself over the last however many years and being extremely pleased with the results. 

Here is another theory:

I think that in order to fully be a part of the game that is life, we have to accept that we are all able to affect this physical/material world in many different ways. 

In what ways? Well in some ways that are obvious… like for example when you kick a soccer ball across a field, or pick up your laptop, or anything and everything else that you do with your body.  When you are doing those things, you are “making something happen” at the same time that you are also “experiencing it”... And if you follow that concept to its logical conclusions (through all of the senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell, etc) we can see that the distinctions between “making things happen” vs. “experiencing them” become more and more subtle as we go deeper and deeper… into the other ways that we are perhaps affecting this phsyical/material world which maybe aren’t as obvious… like for example right now when you think that you are reading these particular words off of a digital screen somewhere in some room that you think looks a certain way and then that is indeed exactly what you are doing… in other words, into the possibility that you are an actual real time participant in the collective creation of our shared reality based on “thought” vibrations in your “mind/heart/body”... 

Are you still with me?


So in the spirit of awakening into a realm of heretofore undreamt of possibilities… I’m passing this website along to each of you, as it was recently passed on to me… on the internet… and through this membrane of connectivity around the globe we can spread this idea and the accompanying experiment of the website to as many human beings as possible before this November 11th… and then we shall see what is what then…

the website is

and it is a gamechanger.

it might be fun to start the experiment tonight and see if there is any change when hopefully at least a million other people join in on the 11th…

also… just a heads up, if for any particular reason you don’t feel like hearing Enya’s immortal classic Orinoco Flow (Oceans) - who knew that’s what the “sail away, sail away” song was really called?- be ready to turn off the sound in the upper right corner. 

Thanks for everything that you do.

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Election Day!!!

Aloha everyone!!!

Just returned from the polls where I was filled with gratitude for
being able to walk down the street from my house and cast my vote for
all the propositions and positions that will help shape the future of
our country (and by extension, our whole world… and by extension, 
our whole universe…)

In case any of you who haven’t already voted want to vote with the
idea of moving into a more sustainable, clean energy, peace providing, 
job creating Green future, Here is a link to a list of Senate and
House of Representatives candidates most likely to help us all create
that future:

Thanks to Richard Greene and everyone who helped compile this list.

Please spread the word.

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