Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone… happy 2009… I hope it’s been good to everyone so far.  We’re getting ready to head out to Washington DC for the Inauguration parties.  A very exciting time, nice to feel a lot of enthusiasm and hope around the country… although I hope everyone doesn’t waste too much energy on celebration, cause just having a party alone isn’t going to help fix any of the problems… but it could get people even more excited about what needs to be done… and I’m happy to hear from my sister (who works for a solar power lobbying company) that people on the inside of the political world really are geared up to do the actual work that it’s gonna take to put us in a better place as a country… although it’s much bigger than that, yeah? ... in a better place as a human race smile

We all gotta do what we each can though, cause the government isn’t going to just solve all the problems… it’s an individual thing…

And on that note, I wanted to forward along a post from our friends at www.superforest.org who have come up with their own campaign to raise awareness and collect some money for an organization called the Millenium Seed Bank.

The goal is to get as many of us as possible to blog about this Seed Bank, and see what kind of ripple of awareness and fundraising it can create…

so please click here to join Superforest’s Save-A-Seed-Coalition and help spread the word…

Talk to you soon… look forward to spreading some good news from washington and all throughout the year… a dynamic year, yes?

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