the future

Hello All… Hope you’re having a great time right now… Happy Friday… March 26th… 2010… We haven’t updated you in a bit so I wanted to tell you that we are almost done with the mixing of the new album… it’s down the the wire… the final yards… the last moments of play… adrenaline is racing… the end is in sight… spirits are high…

Also… just saw this new video on from the woman who made the genius “Story of Stuff” video

check it…


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I Met The Walrus

Thank you John Lennon, Thank you Beatles, Thank you Jerry Levitan, Thank you Josh Raskin, Thank you Everyone…
There’s no fate but what we make…


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Can You Make a Phone Call For Clean Energy in America?

Hey Everyone… Jesse here with a link about a major push that’s going on right now from the Environmental Defense Fund… Click on the link that says “Please Call Your Senators Today” to make a phone call to your local senate representatives to help them make their decisions about the near future of clean energy in the United States… It’s really easy, you just type in your phone number and the website automatically connects the call to your phone.

They say each phone call is worth 100 e mails…

Go on… try it! Tell em we want them to do the right thing and give us a sustainable future NOW!!!

Many Thanks.


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Ladies and Gentlemen… may I present to you… creativity… 
genius… inspiration… OK GO!!!!

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Out Of This World

Greetings Earthlings… welcome to another week of life on this planet… hope everyone is doing well today. 

Two things:

1. We are starting to finalize the mixes on our new music… everyone is stoked… It all sounds great… Very excited for all of you to hear it soon.

2. I am also very excited by this video… enjoy… it should give a nice sense of perspective to your day

much aloha

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