All Together Now

Aloha Everyone!!!

Jesse here with an amazing Website to share:

This beautiful site allows us to virtually enter a variety of
meditation “rooms” and sync our inhales and exhales so that we are
breathing in unison with people all around the world… customizing an
experience where you can set a time period, choose a color for your
computer screen to glow, choose an intention, and pick a sound to let
you know when your time period is up.

Their goal is to have as many people as possible breathing as One and
sharing the same intention… Imagine a Billion people on this planet
breathing in and out at the same time and focusing all of their
thought and heart vibrations on PEACE.

Or, starting smaller… imagine One Hundred people taking a few
minutes breathing in unison to focus on one of their friends having
the best birthday ever!

So exciting.

The possibilities are endless…

Let’s choose some good ones.


Today (Feb. 4th 2010) as well as the next two days (the 5th and 6th)
there is a historic transmission from the Dalai Lama happening in The
Universal Breathing Room… Just enter the Universal Breathing Room at
any time and leave that browser open on your computer and see what


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