happy wednesday night… july the ... the somethingth… i’m sitting at home just a few days before we take off for our summer tour… very exciting… our rehearsals have been going well and there are some good new surprises for y’all…

I’m listening to Sly and the Family Stone… the song called IN TIME… have you ever heard it? it’s crazy how good this song sounds… such amazing musicians…

SO!!! the reason i wanted to write this post… besides to celebrate that tomorrow night is the full moon for all of us here on earth… is to talk about the Amnesty International Video we made for the album version of the song If I Never See Your Face Again. My dad shot all the photographs for the video, and then he and some very talented friends put the video together and then donated it to Amnesty… it’s a really beautiful thing to have my Dad, who has supported my love for music for my whole life, come out on the road with us and share the experience of traveling with this band…
I just wanted to see if you all had seen it… check it out and spread the word… spread the love… thanks for everything. Hope you’re doing well today. Love, JRC


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