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Fishnet Tights
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[url=“”> border=0 align=right height=150 width=150 alt=Tights </a> A buddy of mine as soon as explained that sexy is as sexy does. Sounds kind of lame, but it’s true. Sexy is as sexy does.  If you want to be the woman who walks inside the room and everybody is checking her out let me let you know one of oldest and inexpensive ways to be that woman. A Sexy woman is really a self-assured woman, and when you look sexy you feel sexy. A woman’s legs have always been noted as one of the sexiest and most loveable parts of her composition second only to her breasts. What’s even sexier are legs decorated in fishnet <a >tights</a>?  For centuries fishnet stockings and tights have been interchangeable with sexy, you don’t have to be a burlesque star, femme fatale or an entertainer to rock a pair of sexy fishnet tights.

Fishnets are accessible in a multitude of tones even though it seems that traditional black appears to be the most popular. Fishnets are commonly worn as a vogue assertion or merely as a matter of artistic option. Fishnet tights can enhance and define your curves because the lattice pattern accentuates your sexy legs.

Fishnets are not only sexy they are versatile. You’ll be able to wear gorgeous opaque tights below your thigh high fishnet tights.  You may not enjoy how your legs appear bare, but layering them with fishnets under a vibrant pair of opaque tights will cause you to really feel sexier. Another sexy an affordable tip that a friend of mine said was which you could use a lit cigarette to produce “distressed” tights.  Distressed tights are tights or stockings that are strategically damaged.  The heat sears the edges and your tight or stockings won’t run and also the hole won’t get any larger. Fishnet tights will immediately help you get your sexy back and you may love your choice.

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