Adam Levine Fragrances

Posted Feb 04.2013

Adam is set to release his self-titled debut fragrance. The scents for men and women, which launch in February 2013 exclusively at Macy’s and, will reflect Levine’s personality and style.

“I have been extremely passionate about this fragrance collection from the beginning. I find the things that inspire me in my everyday surroundings and express who I am as a person, which led me to the creative process of developing these scents. My goal was to create a line for men and women that is complex in its notes yet intriguing and invigorating,” said Levine.

“Both fragrances were shaped by Adam's discerning nose, while the bottles and packaging reflect his particular aesthetic sensibilities. This debut fragrance collection is everything a signature scent should be: both a portrait and extension of the brand itself. ‘Adam Levine’ for men and women is confident, deeply seductive, and timeless,” said chairman and C.E.O. of ID Perfumes, Ilia Lekach.

The women’s Eau de Parfum has an undeniably sexy signature. The floral woody scent boasts an overdose of spice intermingled with Indian jasmine petals, Australian sandalwood, and rose petals, to then unveil a base of creamy vanilla. The men’s Eau de Toilette is all parts invigorating and sophisticated with an edge. A vibrant rush of mandarin, grapefruit, and lemongrass is intensified by notes of amber, sandalwood, and cedarwood to reveal a fresh, yet intensely masculine fragrance.

Innovative yet classic, the bottles take the form of a microphone, with a luxurious, weighted cap in silver mesh. The black stem resembles the wire of a microphone, simple and sleek.

You can get the fragrances now at HERE