All Other Maroon 5 U.S. Tour Dates to Proceed as Scheduled


Maroon 5 have announced that their upcoming show at the XL Center in Hartford, CT this Monday, September 19th will unfortunately be canceled. For all ticket refunds, fans should return to their original point of purchase. Purchases made by phone or online will be returned automatically.


Maroon’s 5 show in Hartford was happening in conjunction with the group’s    Fall 2016 U.S. tour and is being canceled due to the upcoming birth of frontman Adam Levine’s baby.


No other shows on the band’s current U.S. tour will be rescheduled.


For additional tour and ticket information, visit:




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Angela_Burkart's picture

I was so excited to go to the concert on September 29 in Cincinnati but sadly come to find out it had been rescheduled when we got to the doors to the concert.  Having just had a baby myself, I totally understand needing time with that precious little one but I wish we had been notified somehow.  Enjoy that little one! 

Petra_Miller's picture

My best friend bought tickets to this show in Hartford back in January for my birthday . She knew what a fan I was.  We have been counting down the months waiting for tonight. We changed appointments, took off work, and she had to arrange child care for her children. I have never gotten to attend a Maroon 5 concert; not even when I lived in Los Angeles. I'm so very disappointed. I completely understand family comes first and things happen but to cancel completely and not re-schedule just isn't right. A lot of disappointed fans tonight. 

mjmcleaner's picture

This is ridiculous. I bought these tickets in March as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. I understand that family is always first priority, but to cancel and NOT reschedule is just not right. I hope the band realizes that they are upsetting a lot of fans and do the right thing and reschedule this show... And, as for getting my money back, that won't happen..

taboo7638's picture

I also bought tickets for the concert back in 2015 & my friend had given them to her daughter as a Xmas present (it was supposed to have been her daughter's very first concert - her daughter was really looking forward to going to the show & we were planning on making it a very special & memorable evening out) -- although I understand why the show will not go on as planned, it should have been rescheduled & not cancelled -- I am very disappointed with the band -- they could have rescheduled for another time (I've never heard of a band not rescheduling a show)