AOL Music Exclusive - Maroon 5 and Train Team Up for North American

Posted Apr 25.2011

AOL Music is thrilled to announce that Maroon 5 and Train will be combining their Grammy Award-winning musical might on a co-headlining tour of North America this summer.
On July 22, the 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed' and 'Hey, Soul Sister' hit-makers will kick things off in Chula Vista, Calif., before heading out to light up the stage in over 40 cities in North America. The country-spanning tour will finally wrap at The Woodlands, Texas on Sept. 24.
AOL Music caught up with Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Train's Pat Monahan to quiz them about the upcoming co-headlined tour, find out what they think of each other's music and get the lowdown on how they cope with life on the road:

AOL Music: Adam, what's your favorite Train song and why?

Adam Levine: I really love the story behind 'Hey, Soul Sister.' It just seems like the song comes from a truly genuine place and seemed to spark a renaissance within the band. I can appreciate having been in a band for almost 20 years -- you need to have death and rebirth in order to keep things fresh and exciting.

AOL Music: Do you think you'll perform some songs together with Train onstage?

AL: When you begin a tour with a band it's always about giving them space to do their thing and settling in. Once everything is in motion, I'd love to do something with those guys!

AOL Music: Which cities are you most excited about playing and why?

AL: I'm always partial to L.A. I have a lot of hometown pride. Especially because no one is actually "from" L.A. -- but I am!

AOL Music: What's the best thing about being a judge on the reality TV music show 'The Voice'?

AL: We don't judge ... we nurture! Ha ha! And nurturing has been a pleasure, so far. There is something really special about this show. I'm excited.

AOL Music: Pat, what's your favorite Maroon 5 song and why?

Pat Monahan: I dig a bunch of Maroon 5 songs, but I suppose my favorite is 'She Will Be Loved.' [It's an] incredible song. Everything is right about it, parts, key, vocals, lyrics, melody ... super-great.

AOL Music: Do you think you'll perform some songs together with Maroon 5 onstage?

PM: I'd love to do some songs together on and offstage. Not sure which ones yet. Maybe we'll write a few. Maybe we'll play a few from some classic rock bands. Maybe we'll play one another's at times. The more we do together, the better the tour for us and our fans.

AOL Music: Which cities are you most excited about playing and why?

PM: I love every place on the tour schedule. I'm pretty sure the biggest night for us will be in San Francisco. Thanking them for saving us will come in many shapes and sizes under the stars that night. Hometown shows rule!

AOL Music: What's the worst thing about touring and how do you overcome it?

PM: [The] toughest part of touring is the travel and the separation from loved ones. The performing is a fraction of the time spent away from home ... actually these days the road IS home. This is the type of tour that sometimes our families and friends can come out and join us on a bus for a while. That, and of course using Skype constantly to stay connected.