Posted Dec 29.2010

Because Carlo has been needing frequent platelets transfusion in the past couple of months, due in part to his marrow’s slow recovery from chemotherapy, his platelets reserve is on an EMERGENCY STATE, according to the Blood Donor Center of CHLA. The Red Cross may not be able to send any more platelets supply for the year, so CHLA is having an emergency donation drive before the New Year and on January 2, 2011. PLEASE contact all your friends in the Los Angeles area and beyond, and request them to come to CHLA and donate platelets specifically for Carlo Santiago.

Carlo is in dire need of platelets supply at the moment and we would be very grateful if you can get this appeal out to your friends via email, facebook, twitter, and any other social network, and encourage them to please consider donating for Carlo.

Where to donate: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Blood Donor Center
4650 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
When to donate: Dec.29 – 31, 2010
Jan. 2, 2011