Posted Oct 10.2008

First Act has unveiled the 222 by First Act line of musical instruments in an exclusive partnership with Adam Levine, lead vocalist and guitarist for multi-platinum Grammy winning pop band Maroon 5. Comprised of twenty-two separate musical products, 222 by First Act is the biggest line of signature musical products ever created for mass retail. This comprehensive musical line, created specifically in conjunction with Levine, is a first for the lifestyle music brand.

"I partnered with First Act because they're all about making it easier to play music," says Levine. "They're all for that, and I'm all for that -- and I think that's a wonderful thing. Together we came up with a series to inspire new players and named it after my lucky number -- 222."

Levine worked with First Act earlier this year to create a custom, signature guitar that he played on a "Saturday Night Live" appearance as well as on the band's most recent worldwide tour. Adam's passion for this guitar and First Act's dedication to making quality and affordable instruments led to the partnership that inspired the 222 by First Act line. Levine had an active role in the design and creation of this one-of-a-kind group of instruments.

222 by First Act -- a comprehensive line of musical instruments -- is comprised of twenty-two separate products and its signature piece is a designer electric guitar with a white on white color scheme and the Maroon 5 logo. Additionally available are electric and acoustic guitar packages including amplifiers and the '222 Learn Guitar Book' -- which will teach budding guitarists how to play five Maroon 5 songs. The 222 by First Act 'Step Up' amp will also be introduced along with any and every accessory a guitarist could possibly desire including: strings for electric and acoustic guitars, designer picks and straps, guitar and USB cables, a distortion pedal, an electric tuner and a guitar stand.