Holiday Song from Jesse Carmichael & Friends

Posted Dec 24.2012

Here's a special new Happy Holiday Song and Video from Jesse Carmichael and some good friends for y'all:

Special Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Make This Happen:


Ned Brower: Drums
Ben Carroll: Guitars and Choir Vocals
Alex Greenwald: Glockenspiel and Choir Vocals
Jason Lader: Bass/Production/Engineering
Frankie Palmer: Pedal Steel
Joel Shearer: Guitars

Choir Vocals:
Rachel Bearer
Jamie Drake
Elizabeth Guilliams
Christopher Harrison
Samantha Shelton

Everyone at Conway Studios… especially 2nd Engineer Eric Weaver

Yarrow Earth Hock
Brie Larson
Christopher Wray-McCann

Video Direction and Editing:
Travis Schneider

Production Coordination/Gear Maintenance and Cartage:

Adam Harrison (CA Management)
Ross Garfield (Drum Doctor)
Mike Dukoff /Warren Johnson
Luke Jones
George Herpel
Ken Rich (Keyboard Guru)
Steinway Pianos


Intro: Bb… F7… Eb D Db Bb (bass walk up F, G, A)

Bb                            Bb(#5)           Eb
A special day is here again tomorrow.
Bb                     Bb(#5)               C7
All the boys and girls are in their beds... and under
Bb                         D7                         Eb          Eb-6
The chimney is a stocking with your name on it.
         Bb         Eb            Bb            F7
And Santa Claus is coming round the bend.

 Bb                      Bb(#5)           Eb
All the ones you love are right beside you.
C-                       C-(#5)        F7
Whether they are near or far away
Bb                     D7                        Eb                    Eb-6
So hold them close and tell em that you love to hear them say
        Bb    Eb            Bb
Tomorrow is another Christmas Day

(Bass Walk Up With BGV's…
F, G, A

Bb   D-7b5/Ab   Eb/G   Eb-6/Gb (repeat 2x)
     Another         Christmas            Day

(Post Chorus Tag: Bb… Eb D- C- Bb… F7)

Bb                      Bb(#5)   Eb
Christmas Eve is finally upon us
Bb               Bb(#5)                C7
All the decorations have been hung and under
        Bb              D7                              Eb                      Eb-6
The mistletoe is someone who's been waiting all night long
        Bb              Eb              Bb            F7
For kisses and another Christmas song.

 Bb                      Bb(#5)                 Eb
Sing because you might be feeling happy
 C-                         C-(#5)                 F7
Sing because you might be feeling sad
 Bb                 D7                  Eb                    Eb-6
Either way be grateful for the memories we have
        Bb                 Eb                    Bb
And grateful that tomorrow's gonna bring

(Bass Walk Up BGV's…
F, G, A

 Bb    D-7b5/Ab   Eb/G   Eb-6/Gb (repeat 3x)
Another Christmas Day

(Post Chorus Tag: Bb… Eb D- C- Bb… F7)

 G-7      F6              Bb
All the years gone by… Help
G-7   F6          Eb6
Us remember why
 D-7               G-7              C-7
Christmas is one day our troubles can take off
           D-7           G-7                 Eb
Wrap up all your cares from the past
       D-7         G-7
It's never too early
It's never too late
           C-7                   Fsus7
We've all been good enough to celebrate

Breakdown Chorus:

Bb   D-7b5/Ab   Eb/G     Eb-6/Gb (repeat until end)
Another Christmas Day...

(background vocals: Another Christmas Day At Last…)