Maroon 5 & Get Glue—Earn Exclusive Stickers!

Posted Aug 30.2010

Check-in while listening to Maroon 5 or attending one of their shows to earn exclusive Maroon 5 stickers. Earn all 4 stickers by checking in, leaving comments and influencing friends. Download the GetGlue app or visit

For those of you new to Get Glue, here's how to earn the Maroon 5 stickers:
- Maroon 5 Fan – Using the GetGlue app or mobile website check-in that you are currently “Listening to Maroon 5” 5 times.

- Maroon 5 Super Fan – In addition to the above, you need to live all Maroon 5 albums.

- Hands All Over – Check-in that you are listening to Maroon 5 and mention in the comments “Hands All Over” or any name of a Maroon 5 song

- Maroon 5 On Tour – The only way to unlock this sticker is if Maroon 5 is playing a show that day. You must check-in that you are listening to Maroon 5 on that day and mention in the comments “live” or “on tour”. This is a limited edition badge!