Start Your Own Garden…

Helllllooooo everyone… happy friday… Hope it’s all going well for you today…
Wanted to spread the word to everyone, and especially people in Los Angeles, that there is a big push going right now to get people to start growing more of their own food…

I just got back from a Weeklong Organic Gardening workshop at Esalen ( and I’m so excited about the prospect of people starting to bring this practice back into their daily lives… I planted a rainbow chard lettuce in a pot in my back yard on monday, and this morning the first little leaves of it had popped up out of the soil… I’ll post some pictures soon showing how easy it was to start that plant… and it’ll be ready to eat in 40 days… amazing…

Anyway… if any part of you is interested in this, and like i said, especially if you live in LA, check out this link because on the weekend of May 16th and 17th, there is a big citywide movement to start as many backyard gardens as possible… the website has all the information you need, and you just sign up now, and then they tell you what you need to get and volunteers can come out to help you get started!!!

Their philosophy is really inspiring… Anyone can have a garden, whether it’s just herbs in the kitchen (fresh mint tea anyone?) or container plants on a balcony, or replacing your grass lawn with an   “edible forest”... smile 

It’s fun, easy, gives you really healthy vegetables, saves you money, inspires community, helps the environment… yada yada… more soon…
Love and Aloha…

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