Topsy Design

Aloha everyone… just wanted to share a new online store that
my friends Sam and Jared started called TOPSY DESIGN that sells amazing clothes and beautiful things… check it out if you’re in the market for any beautiful things…

off to band practice now… exciting…


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Reggie Watts

YO!!! I’m so happy because of Reggie Watts… this man is a genius… 
there is no doubt in my mind.  Laugh and Learn and Dance and get

here’s a jump off point…

check out any other videos of his that catch your eye… and check out
his new album “Why S*** So Crazy?”

Thank you Reggie Watts.

Happy Monday Everyone…

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Solo Jesse Show Tonight at The Hotel Cafe in LA

Hey LA friends. Jesse here with a last minute anouncement about a show
I’m playing tonight (saturday june 5th) at The Hotel Cafe on Cahuenga
blvd… in between Sunset and Hollywood blvds.

I’m playing under my side project name “1863”. My set time is 11pm. $12
dollars at the door, $8 dollars from The Hotel Cafe website. Hope
everyone is having a great day. Aloha.

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Oh yes… this is an exciting morning… I am so fired up by this video I just saw from an organization called FOUR YEARS GO

Four years is such an interesting period of time in our culture… so much change is possible in that four years… I heard a woman speaking in a video about this concept last night…

High school, college, the united states presidency, time between olympics and world cups…

The possibility for transformation in a four year period is immense…

And many people agree that we are in a period of time where the need for transformation is more important than it has ever been…

The start of of this video says it all…


Here’s the link

Please watch and then share this with everyone you know.

Let’s stay motivated
And help keep each other motivated…
And let’s all change things for the better…

Happy Tuesday!!!

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Gooood Morning Everyone…
Hope this monday is going well for you all…
I’m writing from Los Angeles at around lunch time to say hello, aloha, 
namaste… etc…
and to point you towards
where I have just made my first official post as a Superforester.

It’s the start of a long and beautiful relationship…

happy growing.
(ps mixing continues on the album… very excited)

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