Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Happy day after the election!!!

truly momentous and exciting… I heard that John McCain gave a very gracious concession speech asking for the people who voted for him to turn their attention towards the work that needs to be done, supporting Barack Obama and continuing to try to get past partisan ideology and just focus on the problems at hand…

I hope it’s the start of some beautiful changes and progress in the United States, and all around the World. 

We’re in Panama City right now… at a layover before boarding a flight to RIO… very interesting to have been in Mexico City last night on stage when the election results were announced… we were playing The Sun at the time… appropriate lyrics…

ANYWAY… I wanted to post here something I just read about… a Protest Rally for the passing of Proposition 8 in Los Angeles… TONIGHT… WED. NOV. 5th…

here’s the info:

PROP 8 PROTEST RALLY TONIGHT From 7pm TO 9pm at West Hollywood Park 647 N San Vicente Blvd. Contact Info (323)848-6460.

If you’re in LA and you are hopefully as outraged by the passing of this discriminatory proposition as you should be then check it out… I mean… it was only about 50 years ago that people were struggling to defeat racist laws during the Civil Rights movement… and here we are today with another type of prejudiced bigotry being passed into Law… CRAZY… this is just one of the many good fights of our times… and we’re all involved… I love you all… hope everyone is having a good day…
we’ll see ya soon.

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Vote Registration Deadline Is TODAY!

Hi everyone… Jesse here in Atlanta… two more shows left on this summer tour… We all just watched the vice presidential debates and were very happy to hear everything put out there pretty clearly by the candidates… the choice should be pretty obvious to anyone who isn’t happy with the way things are going domestically or internationally… don’t you think? But no matter who you believe is gonna do a better job… Click on this link right now to get registered to vote: WWW.DECLAREYOURSELF.COM Because if you’re gonna get involved and get your voice heard, you’ve got to make sure you’re registered to vote… A LOT OF STATES HAVE AN OCTOBER 4TH DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION… WHICH GIVES YOU JUST ONE MORE DAY…

For all those states you have to register 30 days before the election… your deadline is October 4th (the other states vary between 25 days before november 4th, 15 days, or 10 days in some states, but no matter what state you live in… REGISTER NOW PLEASE!!!) It’s so easy to register… go to this DECLARE YOURSELF website… WWW.DECLAREYOURSELF.COM and please spread the word… thanks jrc

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words for thought

“The world is a very complicated place and there are not always easy solutions to a lot of the problems out there,” says John Brennan, a top Obama intelligence advisor and former senior CIA official who co-founded the Terrorist Threat Integration Center and the National Counterterrorism Center, a post-9/11 effort to integrate the US government’s terror threat intelligence. “If you look at the world in black and white, you miss a lot of the subtleties out there. ‘Either with us or against’—the world is not divided into good and evil a lot of time. Despite America’s military might, a lot of these problems do not lend themselves to kinetic solutions”—i.e. the use of force. And world dynamics are likely to get more complicated and nuanced, not less, by 2025. An intelligence forecast being prepared by the US intelligence community for the next president “envisions a steady decline in US dominance in the coming decades, as the world is reshaped by globalization, battered by climate change, and destabilized by regional upheavals over shortages of food, water and energy,” according to the Washington Post.

that’s from the website

Happy Saturday…
just sitting in the back of the bus… listening to the Radiohead stems from the song Reckoner… I just downloaded them from the i tunes store for 99cents… separate tracks for Drums/Percussion, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano/Strings… It’s so fun to listen to the different components of a song that you know so well…
We’re gonna offer that to y’all soon… there is a very exciting project in the works from us…

I hope you’re having a great day… here’s a nice video to look at…

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econo-me econo-you econo-us econo-WHAT?

Hi everyone… happy night-time… we just had a great show in Denver… so fun… And now it’s on to Kansas City… Hope you’re all having a good night… a good day… a good now…

Like I said, i wanted to write a bit more about what exactly everyone is talking about in the news these days…

Just in case you don’t know what’s going on, here is a brief synopsis of why we seem to have a problem on Wall Street, and why congress should hear from us… the public… that the first proposal from the Federal Treasury is unacceptable:

The Background:
People buy homes with loans from banks, and they pay their loans back in their monthly mortgage payments, which are based on the current interest rates.  When interest rates were low (set low by the federal government in order to stimulate the economy) many people took out loans.  And it seems that many people didn’t understand that the interest rates on their loans could and would increase, thereby making their monthly payments unaffordable after a certain amount of time. Thus, many people lost their homes in foreclosures to the banks that gave them the loans in the first place… and then in the new higher priced climate, since people weren’t buying homes as much, the value of the housing market overall went down, thus the stocks of the banks that made their money by selling mortgages went down… some huge banks even had to declare bankruptcy… thus the entire Wall Street system was shaken and people began to take money out, or at least not put new money in, and suddenly the whole complicated internationally and domestically based American financial system showed signs of potentially grinding to a halt…

The Solution?:
Therefore, after a few seemingly contradictory measures, such as letting one major bank declare bankruptcy, and then deciding to use 85 billion tax payer dollars to bail out the debts of another bank, the Federal Treasury unveiled a plan at 1 am on this last saturday morning asking URGENTLY for at least 700 billion dollars of tax payers money to fix the unstable conditions on Wall Street. And the truth is that everyone seems to agree that some major “bailout” such as this is necessary. And furthermore, everyone is confident that the economy will recover in time…

The Problem With the Solution:
However, the specific terms of this proposal are dangerous because they give too much power to the one branch of the government that was supposed to be overseeing economic matters in this country and making sure that we didn’t get into a financial disaster like this in the first place.  According to the New York Times, the proposal says that the Federal Treasury, which will be in charge of stabilizing the situation on Wall Street with at least 700 billion dollars of tax payers money, cannot be supervised, regulated or prosecuted “by any court of law or any administrative agency”.  That request seems to ignore completely the system of checks and balances that this country was founded on. 

So please join me in reaching out to our congress men and women, urging them to make sure any plan to fix the current financial instability is not only well thought out and regulated by a bi partisan oversight committee, but that it also distributes the burden of its 700 Billion dollar price tag not just on the tax payers, but also on the banks and financial institutions that helped get us into this mess. To fix this situation, it seems like we need level headed, calm, rational leadership… not frantic, fear based bully tactics that could pressure congress into passing a bill before it has been better thought out. 

Below is the e mail from which has a link to their online petition as well as the phone numbers to your states congress men and women.  Thanks for your time… Again… Hope you’re having a great day. JRC

Subject: Main Street before Wall Street


This is outrageous. Bush wants taxpayers to give his administration a $700 billion check with no strings attached, which they’ll hand over to the Wall Street firms that got us into this financial mess.

Would it help families struggling to keep their homes? NO. Do taxpayers get any share of the firms we’re bailing out, so we can benefit from any eventual profit? NO. Would the firms we’re bailing out be required to stop paying their executives multimillion-dollar salaries? NO. This is a pure giveaway.

I signed a petition urging Congress to put Main Street before Wall Street, and to not give Bush a blank check. Can you join me at the link below?




AND… while you’re filling that out… here’s a video to lift your spirits!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!

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Welcome To The Working Week

Yay… new website… hope you like it… i’ll be interested to see what people do and don’t like about it… let us know…

So it is another beautiful day… i’m here in Boulder Colorado with my father the day before our Denver show… My dad is coming back on the road with us to take more photographs… should be nice… i just looked at all the shots he took in Japan… that trip seems like a long time ago… time really flies…

i hope y’all are having a great day.

and P.S.
for any of you that already know that the latest Federal “Bail Out” proposal needs some reworking before we could feel comfortable with congress signing it into action… go to this petition and sign your name…

for those of you who don’t know about it… i’m gonna write something up that hopefully makes it easy to understand and get involved with… and i’ll post that soon, but i just wanted to spread this link as soon as possible because this really is something congress needs to hear public disapproval about…
Thanks a lot.

AND, as I promised, in the spirit of balanced blogs, for every “citizen responsibility” link I add, I’ll also put up just some cute inspirational animal video… =)

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