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Thank you! Thank you Adam Levine. I purchased tickets to your concert as a Christmas present for my daughter last year. (I purchased the tickets last November for the concert this September). All she wanted to do was go to a concert of yours, so I bought some tickets for Christmas and surprised her to go and bring some of her friends. Now it's September and all she's been doing for the past nine months is talk about it, plan the night, and count down the days. 

It's Friday night, and the concert is on Monday. We were just talking earlier about where we were going to go for dinner before hand and the souvenirs she was going to buy at the concert. Now I'm on Facebook and I see the concert is cancelled.  

Listen, I'm a mom  I know the value of parenting and the sacrifices we have to make, but did you not know you were having a child...that you had to wait until 72 hours before the concert to cancel?? You probably don't know the anticipation and excitement that people have  to see you and to see one of your concerts. 

I'm just very disappointed and I don't know how to make up a Christmas present that is nine months late and was planned about a year ago. 

I wish you the best though and all the love and happiness a child brings. 

Just a very frustrated mom.