Due to the upcoming birth of Adam's child, we've had to move around 7 dates. More info at maroon5.com. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Click here for a personal apology from Adam. 



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luke's picture

I understand the reasons for cancelling.  And it's a good reason - you should never miss the birth of a child.  

I was going to propose in Quebec...tonight actually.  We went down without knowing the concert had been cancelled.  We can't make the new dates.  Sometimes things just don't work the way they should.

Good luck on the concert; you guys will do great.

beachrose's picture

Apology not necessary but appreciated. You are a class act & I love all of you! This just shows you have your priorities in order. The birth of your child is a big deal & it's clearly where you need to be. Blessings to you, your lovely wife & the new love of your life on the way! You are a fantastic group & have been helping me through a very difficult time just by hearing your music & seeing your videos. I especially like seeing videos of you playing live though they're not always the best as I suppose they are sometimes shot by fans. Consider shooting them & making DVDs. You would not only sell them but arguably seeing how great your live shows are would sell more tickets. Also you guys need them for posterity.  Last but not least, there are, I'm sure other people like me who don't get around well & would have great difficulty standing through a whole concert. All the best to all of you! 

Anny_Castillo's picture

EVERYTHING is so strong and wonderful as wait for your princess reason. You should not worry about your fans , we love you Adam and grow THIS hece support and affection we have for you. !!! Blessings for You, for Bee and your baby beautiful and wonderful !!! Love you Adam.!