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#Repost @thegraphicspr0ject ・・・ . •PRESENTING• . @pr0ject_uno & family are pleased to announce an unbelievably exciting month-long COLLABORATION! We have teamed up with the amazing musical artist @Maroon5 for this one! . To commemorate the 15 year release of their first studio album...we are looking for 12 artists to create visual interpretations from their album "Songs About Jane". The 12 winners will be chosen by Maroon5 to be posted in their social medias, website & published in Inspades Magazine. Such an amazing opportunity to create something epic for such a talented group in music today! . 12 ARTISTS, 12 SONGS! . The rules are: •NEW entries ONLY •Choose a song from "Songs About Jane". •Create a visual graphic edit from one of the songs on that album. •Hashtag the edit to the conjoining hashtag below for the song you chose. •You may enter as many as you'd long as you interpret the song. •You MUST credit all artists, including OP artists & photographers, if you are using Stock Images, Unsplash, etc. (Failure to do so will disqualify your entry) •Challenge will run May 15th-June15th at 9am EST ________________________________________ #p1_hardertobreathe #p1_thislove #p1_shiver #p1_shewillbeloved #p1_tangled #p1_thesun #p1_mustgetout #p1_sundaymorning #p1_secret #p1_throughwithyou #p1_notcominghome #p1_sweetestgoodbye ________________________________________ #pr0ject_uno #thegraphicspr0ject #Maroon5 #SongsAboutJane #music



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