Reply by lucy_nadeau

Good luck with getting any help from the fan club or Ticketmaster.  If you purchased your tickets under a pre-sale with the fan club code, you are SOL.  I spent almost $1000 on tickets and found out a few weeks prior I couldn’t make the concert.  They couldn’t help me sell the tickets and I couldn’t get a refund.  However, if you didn’t get them via a pre-sale, you can sell them on Ticketmaster.  I have seen M5 many times in concert and done meet and greets w/ them but since The Voice, they don’t do ANYTHING for their fans it seems.  It really stinks.  Best of luck to everyone who is getting shafted due to ONE PERSON.  I think they SHOULD offer refunds…and maybe they will under these circumstances.  I know I am never going to waste another dollar trying to see them in concert.  Their best days are behind them.  That $1000 didn’t even include a meet and greet…used to, it would.  Pretty sad.